Thursday, August 21, 2014

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I had no intention of posting my feelings or my ALS challenge at all. However, being prompted by my husband to "stand up" what I believe in, I felt the need to express my opinion on the matter.

If you haven't seen all the ALS ice bucket challenges plastered on every social media site, please tell me what it's like living under a rock. :)

I'm not going to lie, I secretly prayed that no one would nominate me. But, I was nominated. Prayer denied.

Here's the thing: I like my clothes, and I buy high end foundation. Basically, I felt like having cold water dumped on my head was a waste of time, effort, and makeup. So when I was nominated, I decided I would just write a check. (Notice I didn't say donate online. How hipster of me.)

But, here's the other thing: I rarely put my hard earned money to work for something or somewhere I'm unfamiliar with. (The exception being those poor teens trying to raise money for their church in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. What can I say? I've been there in the sweltering heat. The struggle is real.) So, I did a little research, and it was made apparent to me that the ALS Association partners with clinical researches, NEALS ( Source:, a group that participates in stem cell research.

Now we could argue over the ethics of stem cell research until we are all blue in the face. But, truthfully, I would rather get an ice cream and not fight. Suffice to say that I cannot fully endorse stem cell research, nor those who participate or partner with those who do. I cannot, in good conscience, participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge.

But, I've been called out to do something. So instead of giving my money to a group I feel iffy about, I'm going to donate online (hello, 2014) to Save the Storks, a nonprofit active in saving the lives of unborn children, something I'm passionate about. To learn more visit .

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Around (Spring)

This spring, I tried to get outside more and snap some pictures of everything blooming around here. Here are a few shots.

I can't help but think of senior photos when I see these pictures I took of Jacob. A Wilson football randomly appeared in our yard one morning, and he has been thoroughly enjoying it.

I took these last two with my iPhone 5s:

Honeysuckles are one of my favorite plants. I love their fragrance on warm spring days.

This one I snapped in the church prayer garden after an early morning spring shower. 

For more photos like this, you can check out my Instagram, here. 

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Hundred and Ten

Are you familiar with that awesome feeling experienced when you put all your effort and pride into something and it turns out great? It's that feeling you get when you turn in your paper that you worked so hard on, resting in the assurance of a good grade. It's looking over an room you just cleaned meticulously. It's when you hang up that dress shirt you took the time to carefully iron. It's when you know that you've given 110% to something, that you've truly done your best.

Your Best

If you've ever been to any sort of public educational institution, I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "Just do your best." For some reason, that phrase always seems to have the opposite affect. It's laced with lenience. Whenever we hear, "Just do your best", we often just don't. But as Christians, we are charged with the task of putting forth a stellar amount of effort. Colossians 3:23-24 says this, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ." (KJV) 

Giving it Your All

I want to encourage and challenge someone reading this to start giving tasks your all. Even small, menial task like scrubbing the toilet. You might find that feeling of accomplishment gratifying. 

To read more on this subject, I would recommend the book, Do Hard Things by Alex & Brett Harris. It definitely helped me get a better perspective on challenging myself to do the best I truly can.

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nothing Personal

While doing a late night scroll on my Facebook news feed, I ran across a picture that made me stop.

(This isn't the exact photo. When I tried to save it, it became quite unreadable.)
(The Four Agreements)

What stuck out to me, was number two: Don't take anything personally. I have been accused on more than one occasion of being too sensitive. (I'm still working on feeling apologetic for that, but no luck so far. I just feel people shouldn't be so insensitive to one another. Like, seriously, who says those things? Especially to their spouse, family member, friend. In public. Whatever.) While I acknowledge, that yes, I am too sensitive, I am working on that, and feel that over the past few years, I've definitely improved on letting things roll off my back.

Since running across this picture a few days ago, I have been trying to take to heart the words, "Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering." Looking back on some of my past experiences of people hurting me, I realize that everyone of those people had their own underling issues. Those who incessantly criticized me, weren't singling me out, and they were acting out because of issues in their heart. Those who ostracized me for being, thinking, or feeling differently than they or a group did, ostracized others in a similar manner. However, at the time I was so caught up in this "why me?" way of thinking, I couldn't see past myself. (Hindsight is 20/20 they say.)

So the next time you're feeling sorrow for yourself because of how someone treated you poorly, try not to take it to heart. Smile and go on with life.

Stay classy, ladies. ;) 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding season is once again upon us. I hope to soon post some ideas for you as far as what to get a soon-to-be or recently married couple, but today I want to talk bridesmaid gifts. When Micah and I were getting married a year and half ago (already?!), I was somewhat low on dough. I still wanted to show my appreciation however, so I rolled up my sleeves and got creative.

Please excuse the iPhone 4 quality of these photos. :) 

I decided to make gift baskets, which is a skill I learned from my mother who is the gift basket queen. (I talk about this here.) I picked up the baskets from Dollar Tree.
I then filled each basket with color corresponding tissue paper which I believe I already had on hand.

Each of the bridesmaids received similar gifts only in different colors. I bought the candles, pedicure brush, nail polish, and coffee mug (which my friend just informed me she uses on the regular now) at Dollar Tree. I bought the sleep shorts at Wal-Mart on Black Friday, and I also got the picnic bottle at Belk on a Black Friday sale. (I mention more on this here.)

I lovingly places above items in the basket, and ta-da! A bridesmaid gift. 

All finished!

Stay classy, ladies. ;)