Thursday, September 11, 2014

Minecraft Madness

Minecraft has always made me suffer motion sickness. I get sick just watching Micah play it. This week, he surprised me and bought it on our desktop. In the beginning, I only could only play for a few minutes at a time before getting sick. Last night, I played for hours. Hours. I need intervention.

I mostly play in creative mode because no one has time for zombies, creepers, and the like.

Anyway, here are a few screenshots of what I've been doing in minecraft this week.

This is my first "house" where the game spawned me at. 

This is my main house. I'm currently replacing the emerald ore with glowstone.
(I originally meant to build my house with glowstone, but somehow that didn't happen.)
My house at night. I really like those jack-o-lanterns.
Before I added the glowsone and windows, they really stood out at night
Here's my moat snaking around the side of my house.

These are the trap doors behind my house. They lead to a mining area I was working on in survivor mode.
I'm also trying to connect it to the tunnel going through the mountain my house is on.
These are the trap doors behind my house. They lead to a mining area I was working on in survivor mode.
I'm also trying to connect it to the tunnel going through the mountain my house is on.
Rabbit Island. (I used a spawn egg to generate all these rabbits, FYI.)
Some got out because I accidentally put a block next to the fence, and they made a run for it.
You can't see them but there are several bunnies swimming away. 
This is the glass tunnel I'm working on. If you can't tell, it's underwater. It will eventually lead to my Rabbit Island.
 I am ashamed of how many times I've got lost going to and from my house to the island.
This is part of the tunnel that goes through the mountain.
 I would eventually like for the tunnel to connect to Rabbit Island and the area that my cows and pigs are located.

I'll leave you with this picture of "me" riding a pig.

Is anyone else needing intervention from minecraft?

Stay classy,


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Blog Design

I'm very happy to officially announce the new blog design. Those of  you have been reading my post for past couple of weeks via desktop have probably noticed some cosmetic changes going on. I've been tinkering with the design off and on now since June, truthfully.

I think I've finally settled on a design I'm (considerably) happy with (for the time being).

Here's what my blog looked like back in July.

I had this same design for a quite a while. I though it was fitting because of course, my blog's name is Jessie Journals, and the blog looked like a notebook. But it was kind of difficult to read. There was a lot going on visually, and it was really just time for a change. 

Here's what the mobile version looks like.

Let me know how you like the new color scheme. Do you find it visually easier to read?

Stay classy,


Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitchen Inspiration

Do you ever feel so intimidated about starting a project that you never actually start? That's exactly what's happening to me. I have all these grand ideas for our kitchen remodel. I've researched, pinned, and created a punch list. I have more than a vague idea of what I want the space in general to look like. But in the midst of gathering all these ideas, I'm uncertain.

Before, I was sure I wanted pristine white cabinets that would brighten up the kitchen. But there's a really good tutorial going around Pinterest on how to stain your cabinets a dark expresso brown. Staining appeals to me because I'm concerned that paint lines will show up and look less than classy. Then, I read you can paint cabinets with a foam brush to avoid paint lines. Decisions.

Today (as I'm writing this, it's a perfectly lazy Saturday afternoon), I went through my remodel idea board on Pinterest, and knocked out everything I knew I didn't want. Any pins that were found to not be contributing to the underlining idea of how I pictured the kitchen turing out, were booted. (Micah is relieved I dismissed the idea of painting our linoleum floors.)

Below are some pins that I deemed to be the cream of the crop. These are my top inspiration pins. Whenever I get discouraged, and feel paralyzed at the idea of even starting this remodel, I look at these pins, and I'm once again filled with stubborn determination and hope.

Kelli turned her so-so kitchen island into pure awesome. She used the wallpaper version of beadboard, something I'm determined to work into the kitchen remodel.

This tutorial from Monica almost made me consider ditching my dream of white cabinets completely. After much debate, I decided to give this a go in the master bathroom (and possibly the guest bathroom if I don't butcher this project to pieces). 

Isn't this kitchen beautiful? This is the concept that motivates me: a light, airy, bright, open kitchen.

My Top Three Inspirational Pins: 

I highly encourage you to check out all the photos from this renovation, because this one picture does not do it justice. This kitchen makes me want to agree to take my Dad's "in the family" hutch. (But only if I can paint it white. #sorrynotsorry)

Would you just look at that transformation? This redo has me convinced my countertops need help. They are actually not that horrible. I would rate them a 4 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being these "after" countertops. While I find this project inspiring, it also fills me with self doubt. I feel completely inadequate for such an undertaking. I also really don't want to mess up my countertops. Decisions! 

....and coming in at number one...

This kitchen makes me swoon. It's exactly what I envision a perfect kitchen should look like: white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and wood floors. This is my most-loved pin.

So in the midst of upcoming holidays, getaways, and the like, I have no actual idea when any of this magic will happen. I'm trying to not use the previously mentioned as excuses. Wish me luck.

Stay classy,


For more inspirational remodel ideas, check out my Pinterest board, Bloom

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blazer Craze

I go through phases, seasons if you will, in my life where I obsess over things. Currently, it's vintage Pyrex, home-brewed peach tea, and you guessed it, blazers. Here are four I'm currently on the fence about buying (only because I have a slight fear of buying clothing online):

I'm really digging this white blazer. It's clean, it's simple, it's lovely. 

Navy is such a classic color that looks amazing on just about anyone. This blazer is also very affordable, which makes me happy.

I love the sleeves of this blazer. They add some interest and are great for shorter-armed girls like myself.

This intense color of blue is just drawing me towards this blazer for some reason. 

One day, hopefully soon, I will gather the guts to purchase one (if not all) of these blazers. Of course, I'll have to conquer my fear of purchasing clothing online first. ;)

Stay classy,


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vintage Pyrex: Spring Blossom

I've been on this vintage Pyrex kick lately. So when I spotted a small set at a nearby GoodWill, I quickly snatched them. I did a little research and found that the pattern was called Spring Blossom. Did you know spring is my favorite season, and green is my favorite color? Destiny.

The tea mugs were $0.49 a piece, and the coffee mugs were $0.99 a piece. I also had some store credit from my customer card so I got all of the pieces for about $5. Happiness.

It was 99 cents!
Tea Mug

Tea Mugs Stacked

I love the handles on both styles of mugs. I've imaging hanging them underneath one of my overhead cabinets. I've been wanting to install (and purchase!) those hooks for a while now and I feel these cups have ushered in a justification for doing so.

Coffee Mugs Stacked

The Whole Gang

All Clean

Gypsy watching me clean up the mugs

Imagine having four sets to rotate throughout the seasons. I'm thinking Spring Blossom for spring of course, Summer Impressions (Blueberry) for summer, Butterfly Gold or Autumn Harvest for fall, and Snowflake Blue for winter. 

And to think my friends thought I was crazy.

Stay classy,