Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dress Well: Receive Criticism

City Crepe - Flare Seamed Skirt from New York&Co
I receive a lot of criticism for dressing well. Yes, dressing well. I feel this is ridiculous on so many levels.

While I will admit to badgering encouraging others to dress well, I've come to terms with the fact that 90% of the people in my social circles could care less about dressing in something other than hoodies and jeans. I understand that people feel comfortable in that type of clothing. However, I feel just as comfortable in pencil skirts and and a pair of nice heels.

I'm having a hard time understanding why people feel the need to attack me (often publicly) about dressing well. Especially since I spend the majority of my time at work (I work in a church office, BTW), and church. Often, I'm just wearing my work clothes in the evening when I make trips to the supermarket or hanging out with friends. (The more you change, the more clothes you dirty, the more clothes you dirty, the more clothes you have to wash, the more clothes you wash, the more clothes you have to put away. And I despise putting clothes away.)

I could understand receiving criticism on dressing sloppy. Especially if I was attending a funeral, wedding, etc. But no, I am receiving smack for dressing well. For taking the time to make sure I look like a decent human being. It's my right-no, my duty-to put forth an effort and let people know that, "Hey, you're worth the effort of ironing this blazer." Because you all are. :)

Does anyone else receive criticism for doing something awesome, or is it just me?

Stay classy,


Friday, October 10, 2014

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Photo Cred: Pet Advisor
No matter how many "religious" friends you have on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen post warning you about wolves in sheep' clothing. This is of course, a reference to the scripture found in Matthew 7 (verse 15 to be precise).

It reads,
"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

 Too often, I see Christians turn on one another, blasting their fellow pew members on social media (and conversation) as being a wolf in a sheep's clothing. However, you shouldn't be looking beside you for a wolf in sheep's clothing, but rather in front of you.

 It's such a huge blessing to be a part of a church that is pastored by a wonder minister. It's an honor that many people don't have, and I'm beyond thankful God has placed me in such a church. Too many Christians are not blessed with a minister with their best intentions at heart. There are so many that are in ministry for money, fame, and glory. Christians are often quick to believe anyone parading around with the title "minister", "preacher", or "pastor" is a wonderful, good hearted person. This is just simply not always the case.

So how can you tell if you're sitting underneath a not-so-awesome ministerial work? Let's jump down to verse 20 of that same chapter in Matthew.

"Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."
That's it. When you see good works (or "fruit" if you will) pouring out of your minister, and church, you know that the leadership is submitting their heart(s) to God's work.  Should you proclaim hatred and disdain for those not working in ministry with a right heart? No. You should pray for them. God can absolutely change anyone who turns their heart over to Him. As long as a person is alive, there's still hope they can be used for the glory of God.

Stay classy,


Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Evidence of Christ

Photo Cred: Nomadic Lass 

I want to see the evidence of the changing by Christ.

I want to see people willing to work and let Jesus restore their marriage instead of crying "divorce!" at every sign of turmoil.

I want to see people leave their drug addictions in the past where it belongs.

I want to see people healed. Where is the faith we all claim to have?

I want to see happy Christians. Why are we always in another valley?

I want to see community in action. Why is no one checking on those outside of their inner circles?

I want to see proof. Evidence. Victory.

Stay Classy,


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Bargain Box Buys

So this new store opened up in town. It's called Bargain Box. Classy, I know. While I was waiting ever so patiently (yeah, no) for this store to open, Micah and I would take turns speculating what the store would be. One of our first guesses was that there would be multiple size boxes and you just fill them with junk and pay per box. (There's a thrift store where my grandmother lives that does this with bags.) I guessed it would be unmarked boxes that you blindly buy, and hope for the best. (In hindsight, I see how this might not be a profitable business.)

After we got back from our vacation, we decided to visit. It's something like a sundry store (or an affectionally called "junk store"), but with more high end items. We've made two trips thus far. Below is our goodies we found.

Trip number one:

Bobsweep. Bobsweep is a robot vacuum rivaling the Roomba. It's highly entertaining, and I've not cleaned the floors in over a week. (Win win!) Bobsweep retails around $300, and we purchased ours for $75. We got the pet hair edition because cats.

I love me some red. 

Trip number two:

We went back to Bargain Box for a Keurig type machine, but ended up with that and then some. 
I'd been on the fence about this Cuisinart machine. Don't get me wrong, I love the one we have at the office. It just seemed extravagant. However, my Bunn wastes quite a bit of coffee since I have a minimum amount of cups I'm required to make. Plus, I've been caught running behind on more than one occasion because I was waiting on my coffee to brew. Ah, instant gratification. These machines retail at $200, and we've seen them on sale for $150. We purchased ours for $40. 
Coffee. Nuff said.

While carrying the Cuisinart around, we saw this Chicago Cutlery set. Micah has been dying for a knife set. Our current one consist of 4 knives, and none of them are steak knives. (It surprises me how often we eat steak.) It's now sitting very nicely in our kitchen.

The last thing we grabbed was this chef mat. I've really been needing a mat to put in the floor in front of the kitchen sink. This one is super comfy. You can buy one for the same price I did ($20) HERE

If the machine in the first pictures looks different from the second, it's because it is. Our first one went off the fritz, and the folks at Bargain Box were so kind and replaced it for us. 

Micah and I have both decided we need to start limiting our trips to Bargain Box so we don't buy up the whole store. 

Are there any good sundry/junk stores in your area?

Stay classy,


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Adding to the Vintage Pyrex Spring Blossom Set

Saturday, Micah took me to an antique store, where I found these open handle cups.

Here's the thing though: the bottoms of these cups say "Corelle" not "Pyrex". I was utterly confused by this, but according to this pin, a company called Gemco made some Spring Blossom pieces to coordinate with some Spring Blossom pieces that Corelle made that coordinated with the Pyrex Spring Blossom pattern. Got it? There's some additional information about this topic HERE.

Corelle, indeed. 

I'm definitely not a Pyrex snob (that is to say I'm not Pyrex exclusive), so this doesn't bother me in the least.

These cups were 4 for $10, but marked down to $8. So I ended up getting them for $2 a piece, which is a fair price. I was pleased. :)

Has anyone else had any good antique store finds lately?

Stay classy,