Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why I'm Not Pentecostal

This blog is in response to the blog post Why I am Pentecostal by Allyson Cain. 

This may come as a shock to most of you, but I'm not Pentecostal.

The horror!
Here's the thing....

I used to be Pentecostal. Behold, photographic evidence!

Long denim skirt? Check. Overwhelmingly long hair? Check. Elbows covered for extra measure? Check.  

I don't know how I became Pentecostal exactly. I feel it was just by accident. I became a Christian at the end of 2006. Outside of a few people, the majority of my friends were friends I made in church. I felt accepted because of course, they were all Pentecostal, and we all dressed the same. I was very happy because for the first time in my life, I felt I had friends that shared similar interests, and had similar goals.

But, friendships can only take you so far.

In the end, I based most of my friendships and the majority of my religious beliefs on outward appearance because it was (and is) a stressed belief in the Pentecostal movement. I became entirely too engrossed in the rules.

You know what rules got me? Hurt. Disappointment. Bitterness. I'm 99% sure I gained all of my hurtful judging abilities I now possess from that timeframe. I would judge other girls' holiness based on how much they covered up with clothing. I'm truly surprised there wasn't more hair length competitiveness.

Once M and I were together, I felt I could truly be myself, and once I was 17/18, I started having my hair cut short, and wearing the occasional pair of jeans.

This is the first Facebook photo of me post Pentecostal (in jeans). I left M's witty comment up for your entertainment. Also, I don't know why my dad is making that face. I considered cropping him out, but ya know.

So, why am I not a Pentecostal?

Pentecostals are mean. No one can pull of a holier-than-thou attitude like Pentecostals. *1

Rules must be adhered to, but only certain rules. I find it entertaining how many hours are wasted by people debating skirts and long hair. You know what's a real problem? Obesity. How many Pentecostal preachers have you heard preach against gluttony? That's what I thought. *2

Denominations divide. You know a really good way to not get people to church? Exclude them. Denominations are so ridiculous, I could devote an entire blog (series!) to them. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. No one was ever won to the Lord by mean words. #truestory

So yeah, my hair will more than likely never be down-to-my-butt long again (with the exception of when I grow my hair out for Locks of Love). And I recently got a friendship piercing.
Cat earrings. =^..^=
And while I reserve the right to wear pants, I usually don't because my hips thighs don't lie. 30 pounds ago, I still didn't look good in pants (see above picture). I'm coming to terms with it. 

As far as skirts, and belted cardigans (the official outfit of young Pentecostal women) go, I want to dress in a certain way that people DON'T think I'm Pentecostal. When people look at me, I want them to see I'm different, Christian different. Not Pentecostal different.

I'm not a Pentecostal.

I'm a Christian.

Stay classy,


*1 OBVIOUSLY, not all Pentecostals are mean. My in-laws are pretty nice people. After my recent go with sickness, my church family (consisting of mainly Pentecostals) really stepped in and took care of me, and I would say they're a pretty nice bunch. :D

*2 My pastor is the only minister I have ever heard speak on gluttony. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Make No Sew Curtains - Dining Area Update #3

I'm not sure my dining area is ever going to be finished.

But, I did get (part of) the curtains done.

I'm going to be showing you the process of the curtains from start to finish.

You're going to need:

A curtain rod - most come with mounting hardware, but check first.
14 Curtain rod rings with clips - trust me, this is the easiest way.
Fabric - I used a total of 4 yards
Iron-on hem tape
Ruler or measuring tape - I highly recommend this, even though I didn't use either of these things. #lazy
A damp rag
An iron

I had a precise idea of what I wanted the curtains in the dining area to look like. They had to be green and purple with a white or cream colored background. You wouldn't think that'd be too difficult to find, but I had the worst time trying.

One evening, I decided to browse the fabric section of my local Wal-Mart. Of all places, there it was waiting for me. (I also found the fabric I want to use in my wingback chair reupholstering project!)


A couple of weeks later, M talked me into purchasing it. I ended up with 4 yards total, and the gentleman working the fabric department that evening went ahead and cut it into two 2 yard increments. Confession: I don't own sewing scissors.

I apologize for the late night carpet pictures. You know who puts white carpet in a double wide trailer? Crazy people, that's who.
Custom curtains for $15? I think yes. (:

We also made a stop at Lowe's for the curtain rod and hanging hardware. 

I went with bronze rod to match the bronze hardware of the china cabinet. 


Would someone mind telling me why these are sold in packs of 7? I understand you need more than one pack, and then you'll end up with 14. I get that. But why not packs of six for a grand total of 12 pieces? This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.

When I got home, I went ahead and threw both cuts of fabric in the washing machine on the most delicate cold cycle. You don't technically have to wash your fabric before using it. This is especially true if your project doesn't involve sewing clothing. However, I opted to wash it simply because the fabric smelled so strongly of Wal-Mart, and that seems like bringing bad zen into my home. Afterwards, I spread all of the fabric over the kitchen chairs to dry. 

The next day, M hung the curtain rod up for me. I don't think he had any rhyme or reason to the height he chose, but I did mention I didn't want it hung to close to the ceiling. He then hung up the fabric pieces temporarily.

We're total professionals.

At some point during all this, I realized I wasn't getting any less sick, and finally agreed to go to the doctor. Turns out I had strep throat! I still have no idea how I contracted that crap. After two shots in the hip and some serious antibiotics, I felt up to tackling the curtains. 

First, I ironed the entire selection of fabric to make sure it would hang nice and crisp. In the places where the fabric was crimped from hanging, I used some starch. I didn't go crazy with it as I only had a little left. 

Next, pull out your hem tape. At this point, I would assume you need to measure and mark with a pencil where you want your hem to be. I didn't do that because I am lazy, and I was sick. I just eyeballed it, and ironed a crease in the fabric where I thought a hem might naturally go. Then, I put my hem tape in the crease, put my damp rag on top of the fabric, and held down the iron for 10 seconds. Do not move your iron back and forth (per the tape instructions.) Tip: make sure you're constantly rewetting your damp rag. If you notice after a time that the tape isn't properly adhering to the fabric, you need to rewet your rag. Trust me. 

If you could ignore the dirty man pants in the background, that would be great. Thanks.
This is what one of hems on the long side looked like once I was done. 

Here's what the inside looks like. Thankfully, this doesn't show when the curtains are hung. 

This is what the hem looked like right after I finished ironing. 

Here's a corner hem. 

This is a side by side comparison between the finished curtain and how we just had them hanging. I think it's an improvement. 

Ta-da! All done! Not too shabby. I need to hang up the second set of curtain rod rings with clips, and I should be good to go. Eventually, I'll need to add some blackout material. Micah doesn't ask for much with the house, but high speed internet and blackout curtains on every window are a must. (In that order.)

All in all, this project took me a couple of hours. I was sick, and taking a lot of bathroom breaks, so keep that in mind. If you actually know what you are doing, it shouldn't take as long. 

Stay classy,


7 Reasons Why We Can't Be Friends

Photo Credit: @Texasbubba

If the title didn't make it obvious enough, this post is a follow up to my previous post, Why Can't We Be Friends?

If you know me or have heard my friendless rant, you know I have very few friends. The friends that I do have all share something in common with me like they are married, they are insanely busy with work/school, or they are married to me.

I cannot count the number of people who get upset with me because I'm not their "friend." Seriously. Why you'd want to be friends with someone who doesn't want to be friends with you is beyond me.

Lest you think I'm a complete jerk without rhyme or reason, hear me out on this. If you've read my post, One Hundred And Ten, you know I like to give my all to each and every task. On the days I drink water, I drink it by the gallon jug. I never show up with just half a face of makeup. When I compete in FitBit challenges, I'm in it to win it. That's just who I am. I'm the same way with friendships. If you're my friend, you know way too much about my personal life. You're going to be badgered if you're sad. You're going to be forced to be chauffeured in the silver bullet (the unoffical name for my hatchback). I like to give friendships my all.

That being said...

My all isn't very good. I am actually a terrible friend. (So why do you want to be my friend again?) Below are just some of the reasons, I'm not going to be the cliché movie friend.

1. I'm not a timely communicator.
There are days that go by where I will not text anyone. I won't even text people back. (At the time I'm writing this, I have not contacted any one of my friends in two days.) People get SUPER upset about this. #sorrynotsorry , this is just who I am. Some people are serial killers. I don't text back. My friends know this, and know I'm not dead, I'm just going through a phase where I don't mince words. At the end of my word hiatus, we are all still friends. They're good like that.

2. I am busy.
Super busy. I work 40 hours a week, and somehow that bleeds into evening and weekends. I'm also an introvert, so interacting with people takes it out of me. So you might see I'm binge watching Netflix shows, and get mad. I'm actually using this alone time to recharge so I don't turn into a homicidal maniac at the grocery store I'm more pleasant around everyone. My friends realize how needy I am, and they're pretty chill about it.

3. I'm married.
I feel this goes without saying, but sometimes I need to spend some time with my man. Just because we work with each other doesn't mean I'm spending every minute with him. (We do actually have different job titles and separate offices.) No offense, but I like him better than you. I put a ring on it. All of my friends are married or in serious relationships. Coincidence? I think not.

4. I don't like people.
Yeah, I'm starting to see I don't have such a winning personality haha. All of my friends started off by being friends by necessity. M is my husband, H & K were my friends when my parents changed churches when I was very young, and H was my work friend who kept me from making questionable life decisions. If circumstances were different, I'm not sure any one of us would've been friends. M and I used to say if we went to (public) high school together we wouldn't have been friends at all.

So after all that luggage, you still find yourself confused as to why we aren't having sleepovers, below are some follow up reasons as to why we aren't friends:

1. Age
When people are trying to accomplish something, I never discriminate age. I remember what it was like to be 14 and no one would give me a chance to do anything. Young souls have done incredible things. I have to admit that I am friends with a lot of people old enough to be my mother. However, at 22, I'm at a different place in my life then 14, 15, or 16 year old me. So if you want to grab ice cream, I'll drive us there. But if you want to be bosom buddies, it's not going to work. While you're worried about whether or not so-and-so is ever going to ask you out, I'm imaging myself being buried alive.

2. Family Ties
If you know me, you know I don't understand the concept of "family." My mother says it's a "Moseley thing." Whatever. I'm also extremely independent, and don't need my mother to make every decision for me. If you can't think independently  from any of your family members, we're going to have problems. If you think you're family is always right no matter what, and never question any of their actions, we can't be friends. My friends know I silently judge them for being attached to their family even though we're all in our twenties. They're forgiving like that.

3. Mean
"But, Jessie, you're mean!" Yes, yes I am. I also know there are lines that shouldn't be crossed. If you have ever asked M to do something completely ridiculous that would be extremely out of his way, and he complies, and then you complain about it later to others, we aren't friends. If you trash talk M's family, or the church, we aren't friends. Period.

Let's agree to be close acquaintances, yes?

Stay classy,


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Photo Cred: Lilong Dolrani
Girls Women Females in general are vicious. I would know.

I've never understood why the female population feels the need to tear each other down. Putting your sister down makes you look incredibly insecure and rude.

Before you think I'm just lecturing women, know that I realize men are jerks to each other too. But women will hit you where it hurts. I've seen "friends" zero in on each other insecurities, and it leaves me wondering why anyone would keep these friends around in the first place.

I've been told I'm too sensitive. At least I'm considerate of other people's feelings.
That's not to say I've never been involved in your typical early teen catty friendships, because I definitely have. Incidentally, I'm not friends with anyone from that kind of friendship now if that's any inclination of change.

I'm sure that a lot of this girl on girl meanness stems from insecurities. Once you are secure in yourself, you no long need to compare yourself to other girls. The competition is nonexistent. Crazy things start happening. You start rooting for girls. Even girls you don't know that well. You want to see people succeed, and you can appreciate another person's talents.

So how does one become secure in themselves? Assuming we are Christians, our security is in Christ. Psalm 16:8 says it like this, "I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved." Ephesians 1:13 says, "In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise," 

Sounds pretty secure to me.

If I could encourage you to do anything, it would be this: be the change. You can set off an amazing ripple effect if you're willing to change.

Stay classy,


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why You Should Love Lilly For Target

#LillyForTarget has created quite the controversy. 

People are apparently seeing this as "soiling the brand."

You know what I see?

Lilly Pulitzer prints 20 minutes from my house.

Although I am not (and never will be) a die hard Lilly fan, I do own a few things (a dress here, an agenda there), and I love how this collaboration is making their bright prints more accessible to the masses. I am a firm believer in wearing clothing that makes you feel confident and beautiful, and if a shift dress does that for you, go for it. Why would anyone oppose such a (limited) union between Target and Lilly?

Plus, it's nice to see people excited about cute clothes. (:

You can preview the look book here.

Dat hammock tho!
Glass Hurricane Candle Holder in the print Noise Posey

The collection will be released April 19th, so mark your calendars. Happy shopping! (:

Stay classy,