Jobs have never impressed me.

Entrepreneurship has never impressed.

What you do for a living will never impress me.


Work is so subjective. I think a job I would just absolutely hate is being a full time teacher. Yet, I personally know several people who love teaching. We're all different, and it's wonderful there are so many fantastic ways to pay the bills.

You know what's not wonderful?

People acting like one job is better than any other.

Simply put, every position has its purpose and needs to be filled. Bragging about what you do for a living makes you look like a jerk. Putting people down for what they do for a living makes you look like a jerk. Demanding people don't speak about what they do for a living makes you look like a jerk.

There's a pattern here.

Maybe it's just me, but jobs have never impressed me. When I ask someone what they do for a living, I may as well be asking, "What did you decide to order today at Starbucks?" A career, much like today's coffee, is a choice. What we do for work is much like our clothing. We all have to pick something whether that be a stay at home mother or a mortgage broker, a blue cashmere sweater or a sundress.

Your job isn't you. You are not your job. Your self worth and value doesn't come from a particular job. We're just all trying to pay the bills here.
After much annoyance over the way FaceBook compressed all of my photos, my husband convinced me to create a Flickr account. While I'm not crazy about being forced to sign up for a Yahoo account, I gotta say, I'm super pumped about the upload quality.

Hello Kitty

Two Little Brothers

Trailer Park Kitten


You can view all my currently uploaded photos by clicking this link here. 
I'm just a very snacky person. As a teen, I would snack so much on the ingredients that went into the meal I was making I wouldn't be hungry by time the meal was done! As an adult, I've gained a little more self control (also, I cook a lot less).

I always vow to obey the rule of not eating 3-4 hours before bed, but time and time again I find myself with midnight munchies. Instead of beating myself up about it, I've decided to accept my snacking behavior, and I try to make sure I'm snacking on lower calorie items since I don't have as much time to burn them off. (If only there was a way to sleep and exercise at the same time.)

Below, I've listed 4 of my favorite snacks that are under 100 calories.

Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese Wedges

These are really good spread on top of Triskets, and other types of crackers. Micah I both love the Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack flavor. You wanna know a secret? I eat these wedges by themselves. I can't help myself. They are so flavorful! They're also cute and small. The best part? They're only 35 calories each! I've purchased these from Wal-Mart as well as southern chain grocery stores. They run $5 a pack at my local Ingles.

Rice Cakes


When I was a kid, I swore rice cakes tasted like cardboard, and that might be still true for the plain cakes, but honey, they have flavored ones now. I buy the store brand because Ingles consistently has them on sale. 3 packs for $6 makes me ever so happy. I purchase the white cheddar and caramel ones. The white cheddar replaces my craving for popcorn, and the caramel are great for when my sweet tooth gets the best of me. Depending on the flavor rice cakes run between 35-50 calories.

Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

You may be wondering why I featured chocolate almond milk when it's clearly 100 calories per serving. It's true. It's 100 calories per serving. A serving of this "milk" is 8 oz. I only drink 4 oz at the very most at a time. It's very thick and rich, and it satisfies my chocolate cravings. 9 times out of 10 I have a half gallon go bad because I drink this in moderation.

An Egg

Jessie, how are eggs a snack? Eggs aren't a snack. That's breakfast. An egg - as in ONE egg- is a snack. I only buy Nellie's Free Range eggs which are 72 calories each, and in general, eggs will run under 80 calories. Eggs are super filling and a great source of protein. There was a time when I was eating an egg every night. They are amazing.

Those are my favorite snacks under 100 calories. While I can't recommend snacking your heart out, if you're going to snack, these are some mighty tasty alternatives.

Happy snacking,

Hey, Girl In My Zumba Class,
Hey, Dude That Actually Applies Himself In College,

This one's for you. ;)

The world will tell you that's lame to try. Trying and applying yourself will result in you becoming a total loser.

Society isn't the only one who will tell you this. Your family and closest friends will too.

But you know what?

It's okay to be a tryhard. It really is. It's okay to be so passionate about something that you put for an effort. Especially as a Christian.

Colossians 3:23 says, "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men."

You can buy this HERE

I have the above photo on my desk as a daily reminder to put forth some effort into my 9-5, and I think it applies well to putting in more than a fair share of effort into something you love.

So don't let anyone put you down for giving something your all.

You do you, and do it well.

Photo Cred: Philip Male
I love taking photos. I have more photos on my iphone than all my friends combined. Pictures or it didn't happen, amiright? 

I feel so beyond blessed whenever I have an opportunity to take photos for OM/MDT. (You can see the some of the latest photos I've taken here.) It is seriously an honor, and to say I like it would be an understatement. You know what I don't like? When people that I've been told to photograph have a sour attitude about being photographed. 

I get it. I really do. I hate having my photo taken too. I suffer from crazy insecurities as well. The thought of someone putting a photo of me I don't like on Facebook to be forever immortalized isn't exactly comforting. But, before you (once again) fuss me out in front of God and everyone else, you should take these points into consideration:

Don't blame me for how you look. Yes, I do whiten the occasional smile, and I will tweak the size of the photo to make subjects seem slimmer if I know that will make people happy. I also remove any facial blemishes, because I'm just a fantastic person like that. (You're welcome.)* It's photoshop, not plastic surgery. We look the way we do. It's just the hand we were dealt. 

Do you honestly want your daughters to grow up with the same crippling insecurities you have? Whenever you say no to a photo, your daughter hear you. Say what you will, but your insecurities will become hers. I thought I was overweight at 100 pounds because my mother's weight is very important to her. (Which is fine for her. I just happen to think life's too short to not enjoy food.) Your daughter is watching your.every.move. Kim Bongiorno has a great article over at the Huffington Post you need to read about this. 

No one is picture perfect. Even Hollywood's stars have flaws, yet when they're on the red carpet, they flash their pearly whites like they were born for the sole purpose of gracing glossy magazine covers. If they can do it, then you, as a child of the King, can do it too. 

I promise it won't hurt a bit. ;) 

Stay classy,


*It should be mentioned that I mostly tweak photos of women. The men I photograph do not whine like toddlers when they see my photographs. #justsayin' 
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