The Unanswered Prayer

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We preach a big game about how Jesus in all His merciful kindness hears our every prayer. Scriptures confirm this.

As a Christian, I'm honored when people ask me to pray. But, there's one prayer that the Lord didn't answer. It was one of mine.

I've pretty much grew up in church my whole life. We were "there every time the doors were open", so to say. When you've been in church long enough, you start to realize what a heavy load pastors, ministers, and leaders carry in their minds. When you're in a leadership position, you're not just responsible for yourself -your actions, words, and other conduct-, but you also have to consider the affect you'll have on others. It's a lot of pressure that basically equals a lot of self-doubt, and questioning your every move when a member of the congregation has a lapse judgement.

From the time I was old enough to realize the seriousness of such a position (11ish), I knew I wasn't cutout for such ministry. Would I help with annual coat drives? Obviously. Be at every service I possibly could be? You bet! Dedicate my entire being into serving others as a full time career? Not so much.

I actually did pray about this with a closed mind and closed heart. It was really more of a statement than seeking heavenly direction and guidance. Ministry was not for me.

The Lord didn't answer my prayer. And I'm so thankful.

Full time ministry is the last thing I wanted to do with my life. I have no great talent in any area of ministry. The Lord glories in that. If any good comes at the work of my hands, I know it's just me letting the Lord work through them.

Sometimes, in all His mercy, the Lord doesn't answer our prayers.


Jessica Wynn

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