Finding Your Happy Place

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A couple of years ago, a cousin of mine gifted me a hammock. It's not a fancy ENO or Kammok. It's one of those $25 ones that are rolled into a short, thick canvas burrito and put into an end aisle display at Wal-Mart. Last year, my husband bought some hammock straps so we could finally hang it. 

Now, I'm in it any chance I get. If I had a particularly long day at work, I happily lug my hammock out and hang it from its straps. If it's a gorgeous Saturday evening (which it is at the time I'm writing this), I'm in it. If I have 15 minutes to spare before my Zumba class, I'm probably in it. 

My husband hung it close to my picnic table where I place my Good Girl Moonshines. There's a small tree on the other side that shades my face from the blinding sun. There's honeysuckles near, and their fragrance wafts by as the wind gently blows. The house wifi reaches out there with full force. It's my happy place.

Why are happy places so important? They provide us a rest from cares of the world. They can give comfort at the end of a long day. They enable us to recharge so that we may be more productive. 

So how do we find our happy place? Try different scenarios. My hammock works so well for me because 1) It's in nature, which I love, 2) It's get me out of the house, so my mind is focused on the never ending laundry. #sorrynotsorry, my house isn't always Martha Stewarty, and 3) It's free. I'm a pretty big money hoarder, so the fact that I can clear my mind without breaking the bank makes me immensely happy. If had an $18 pedicure every time I needed to chill, I could be a broke foot model. 

I encourage to you find your own place of rest, your own happy place to rest up and rejuvenate. Make it your own. Make it happy. 

Jessica Wynn

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