Not My Job

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Jobs have never impressed me.

Entrepreneurship has never impressed me.

What you do for a living will never impress me.


Work is so subjective. I think a job I would just absolutely hate is being a full time teacher. Yet, I personally know several people who love teaching. We're all different, and it's wonderful there are so many fantastic ways to pay the bills.

You know what's not wonderful?

People acting like one job is better than any other.

Simply put, every position has its purpose and needs to be filled. Bragging about what you do for a living makes you look like a jerk. Putting people down for what they do for a living makes you look like a jerk. Demanding people don't speak about what they do for a living makes you look like a jerk.

There's a pattern here.

Maybe it's just me, but jobs have never impressed me. When I ask someone what they do for a living, I may as well be asking, "What did you decide to order today at Starbucks?" A career, much like today's coffee, is a choice. What we do for work is much like our clothing. We all have to pick something whether that be a stay at home mother or a mortgage broker, a blue cashmere sweater or a sundress.

Your job isn't you. You are not your job. Your self worth and value doesn't come from a particular job. We're just all trying to pay the bills here.

Jessica Wynn

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Well said. I have read that the French consider it rude to ask about one's job, for them work is a means to an end, not living itself. Maybe Americans think too much of professions.

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