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My friends and I often say we get together and complain. This is usually just a healthy dose of venting and whining, but seriously, why is it so easy to focus on the negative? 

Often in my life, I will see the silver lining, yet still chose to complain. Complaining feels good, and in some cases, I'm sure it is justified. 

But, lately, I'm just over all the negativity surrounding my life. I recently did a Facebook friend purge, because life is too short to have people surrounding (or spying on) my life that are against me, and not for me. That's not to say each and every one of Facebook friends is cheering on my every move (if I'm about to do something questionable, I appreciate the people I love intervening), but when it got to the point where I had to make most of my posts partially private, I knew it was time to go through the list. 

This isn't just some Holy Facebook Move (which I'm not big on) though. I also went through my closet and removed every piece of clothing that doesn't fit. I went through a second time and removed everything that I didn't like. How many times have you put something on, only to find you didn't like how you looked in it, and felt bad about yourself? With my recent weight gain, it was happening way too often for me. I only want clothing hanging in my closet that makes me feel happy and positive. So far, I have three kitchen bags of clothes to sell. More money for things and people that make me feel happy and positive. That's a Wynn win right there. :)

From blogs, to magazines, to shoes, I'm making cuts left and right. 

Stay positive,


Jessica Wynn

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