How to Buy Athletic Wear on the Cheap

Recently, H and I started attending a local Zumba class.

Pictures or it didn't happen, right?
Source: Instagram (Mine)
I have to admit that this is the first athletic course I've taken as an adult. If you've seen any photos of me from the past two years, you can tell I don't do fitness. Therefore, I have not purchased fitness clothing. Like, ever.

Many years ago, before M and I started dating even, I bought some plain black yoga/stretch pants from Wal-Mart for $9 on an impulse. My love for these pants was strong. Although I never wore them out, they accompanied me on many overnight trips, and have never failed me. Until recently..

I wore them to our first Zumba class, which I feel could be a factor. But, If I'm being honest with myself, I realize I've owned these Wal-Mart pants for 6 years now, so I shouldn't have been surprised when this happened.

So yeah, the pants have died. Whatever. I'm wearing them while I write this post. But unfortunately, they cannot leave my house.

I don't know if you've checked the price of athletic wear lately, but it ain't cheap, my friends. 

Take for example this Under Armor capri sold at Dunham's.

Source: Dunham's

Cute, yes? It could be yours for $39.99. Let's be honest, compared to brands like LuLuLemon (be still my heart!) with bottoms pricing around twice that much, it's not a horrid deal. Of course, I'm a big advocate of buying not as many higher quality clothing pieces as opposed to a lot of cheaper grade clothes. Normally. BUT, as we discussed before, I'm not into fitness. I really just needed a few cute outfits to get me through a few classes a week.

Which lead me to Wal-Mart.

I think we've gone full circle, y'all.

What do you know? Cute stuff abounds!

Outfit #1 (The Blue One): 

1. Hard Candy Juniors Zip Front Hoodie $12
2. Avia Women's Singlet Tank $6
3. Danskin Now Women's Allover Printed Capri Tight $11, but I paid $8

That's an entire outfit for $29! That's less than the price of the capri from Under Armor.

If you're not digging the blue, I put together some other outfits.

1. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Zip Up Hoodie (Pink) $12.88
2. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Tank (Link Not Available) $8
3. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Athletic Pant $12.88

Total: $33.76

Jupiter approves
Okay, last outfit: 

1. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Athletic Pant (yellow) $12.88
2. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Tank (Link Not Available) $8
3. Hard Candy Sport Juniors Zip Up Hoodie (charcoal) $12.88

Total: $33.76

Another really great place to get new athletic wear on the cheap is ebay.  I purchased this super cute shirt for $2.99 and the capris were $5.50.

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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