Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge Trip

Last week, Micah and I took a much needed vacation.

View from our balcony

One of our favorite parts of vacationing is the food. For dinner the first night, we had Joe's (not pictured), and for lunch the next day, we had Huck Finn's.

I know this sounds gross, but chicken livers are my life. For years, I saw them uncooked, in super markets, and was disgusted. But, Micah had ordered them some time ago, and I tried one, and I've been going strong ever since.

I swear to cats, chicken livers from Huck Finn's is my super food. I feel like I can fly.

This time, we tried some gator tail. It was alright.

I love how the drinks are served. 

We went to The Island, and walked around the shop area for a while.

It was a truly beautiful spring day. 

We stopped by Earthbound, one of my favorite stores. (We picked up a cute cat canvas wall art thing.)

We saw a nice little water show. 

Live band playing at The Island 

I'm 100% sure we visited the classiest Baskin Robbins ever. 

And they had my favorite flavor!


I love this tunnel. Everyone honks as you drive through it. So magical. 

Some awesome things were scored at the outlet mall where we also saw this beautiful sunset. 

The nights were chilly, so they were mostly spent by these gas logs.

To see the vlog about this trip, click below.  

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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