Valentine's Day 2015

This year, Valentine's Day fell on Saturday. It really messed me up. I kept thinking retailers would be closed, and where was I gonna get a frozen pizza from, and what day is it again?

Micah, per usual, outdid himself.


Roses are my favorite flower if you didn't know.

Will you just look like this beautiful china cabinet? I think I'm in love. 

Check out this hardware.
I had originally planned to paint this mammoth, but after painting the dining room, I feel like I may have hit my painting quota. 

Mich also bought me a 39" TV because my Netflix addiction is real. 
Remember my Sperry boots? I've been getting some good use because....

We've been hit with a severe winter storm. The roads are pretty clear, but people in the east Tennessee area lack the skills to drive in any sort of inclement weather. (Including a partly cloudy sky.)

Maggie the magnolia is holding up pretty well.

Our vehicles have been carrying around these baby icicles for a couple of days now. 

I also somewhat hastily took these photos because I was in fear of falling branches. 

I think the dogs might be cold. 

Hope everyone is staying warm.

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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