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Remember when you were a kid and made a Christmas list? I feel that at 21, it's probably a little too narcissistic to make a Christmas list. Even when Micah asks me what I want for Christmas, I shrug, and ramble on about how I don't need anything (truth), and anything is fine (also true, I appreciate everything. Cat cheese spreaders, I think yes.)

But, I usually have an unspoken Christmas list. On that unspoken Christmas list, a Fitbit was on the top of it. My in-laws took all of us to look at Fitbits, and they asked me what I thought. I thought it was for them. :)
Fa la la la la it's Fitbit time
I could write volumes on how much I love my Fitbit, but I'll try contain it to this post.

One of my favorite features on my Fitbit Flex is the ability to track my sleep. It really is amazing how crappy I sleep at night.

I have my daily steps goal set to 10,000, but it makes me so happy when I get in 12k or more. 

Something really great about the Fitbit Flex is that you can order interchangeable bands. There's several affordable options on eBay.

 1. French Bull for Fitbit at Best Buy // 2. My all time favorite band on eBay
3. Cute Floral Print on eBay  // 4. Every band is under $3! on eBay
5. Navy band with peonies on eBay // 6. Pretty purple band on eBay


But, more than cute bands, and step goals, I'm starting to think that my Fitbit might be controlling my life. They say that if something is important to you, you'll find a way, and if it's not, you'll find an excuse. I can tell that I've definitely made getting in my daily steps a priority. I've been parking farther away in parking lots. I've been taking stairs. I've been walking way out of my way just to get in some extra steps.

Fitbit offers several challenges you and your friends can participate in. My in-laws and I do the Workweek Hustle which takes place every Monday through Friday. Usually, my father-in-law wins by a landslide. This week has been difficult to say the least. We had a funeral, which put me at only 3,000 for the entire day. I kicked it into overdrive Friday. 

21,194 put me in the lead between the four of us, so I decided to call it a night, and put my phone on charge. (As you can see, after 3 hours on the treadmill, the battery was low.) I decided to crash on the couch, and this happened. 
Cats for days.
So I'm chilling out on the couch, and decide to glance at my phone. Lo and behold, my father-in-law had passed me! With 30 minutes to go before the hustle ended, I kicked into high gear, and ended up with this.

Definitely my best day ever. And......

I won!


I've never been the competitive type at all. Like ever. But something has definitely gotten into me with these Fitbit challenges.

 David Sedaris wrote an article over on The New Yorker that I think sums up the #fitbitslave mentality. Even after I've reached my daily goal, I feel the need to continue to keep pushing myself harder and harder. This might device may actually be overtaking my life...

Anyway, if you want to be friends on Fitbit, you can find me here

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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Unknown said...

This is awesome! Love it!! I'm a slave to my FitBit too! Glad you're liking it!

I'm so glad you joined the group and love seeing your posts!


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