Spring Colors

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After the holidays, I feel like spring should make its move. We don't have a lot of snow here in the Tennessee valley, so after the first of the year, I fell like the festivities are over. Plus, spring is my favorite time of the year. I love the new birth of flowers, and warm-but not too hot- weather. Plus plus, I was born on the first day of spring, and this alone make spring a special season to me.

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Would you look who's at the top? It's good ol' aquamarine. I have a love hate relationship with this color. It's my birthstone, and I have always said it can't make up it's mind wether it's blue or clear. I've always thought it as just blah, but it's starting to grow on me. 

1. Aquamarine Solitaire engagement ring - etsy
2. Rain Jacket - Charles River
3. Plates and Cups - Into Vintage
4. Mint Embossment Mesh Dress  - chicwish

I have to say that scuba blue is definitely one my favorite colors from this selection. 

1. A Little Bit of Sunshine - Polyvore
2. High-neck cable knit sweater - Zara
3. ASOS Midi - Rachel at Pink Peonies 
4. Metal cap heels - Zara
5. Knit Midi -etsy
6. ASOS Full Midi - Kim Le at Lace and Locks

What's your favorite color from the spring 2015 set?

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