How to Hang a Wreath (Mobile Home Edition)

Living in a mobile home has it's challenges. Mostly, I just have to deal with dated aesthetics (die, popcorn ceiling, die), but sometimes, (currently) unchangeable hardware just gets in the way of "normal" living.

Take our front door for example. It's windowless, textured, and I have no idea what material it's trying to pass as. Not.A.Clue. When I found a wreath hanger at Wal-Mart for under $3, I was elated. When I tried to hang it on our door, I was not. There's an extra ledge on top of our door. My only logical guess it's there to help with keeping the air inside the house. Whatever its reason for being there, it was keeping me from hanging a Christmas wreath.

But, where's a will, there's a way....


I had all but abandoned the idea of a wreath, when during a glare down of the back of the door, I had an idea. Our door has one of those creepy peepholes. (Why??) Of course ours isn't flush with the door, and I had the simple idea of cutting a hole in ribbon and threading it around the peephole.

First, I picked out a ribbon that I thought would be able to hold the wreath's weight.

I thought this blue coordinated nicely without being too matchy matchy. It's also a nice width, and it doesn't look like it's struggling beneath the load of holding up the wreath. 

Next, I cut a hole in both pieces of ribbon, and threaded them behind the peephole. 

Please excuse the iPhone quality of these two photos. My camera was just not having the poor lighting. Also I left my SD card at the office.

I then tied a bow with the remaining ribbon (Yep! That was all the ribbon on the spool.) into a sad-looking bow (my signature bow) to cover up the peephole. (Not really pictured.)

Don't judge, it works.

I couldn't be happier with how the wreath turned out. 

Do you have your wreath up yet?

Stay classy, 


Jessica Wynn

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