2015 Goals

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I'm 100% done with the term "New Year's Resolutions". I feel the word resolution might be too firm for a list of things I would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I prefer the term "goals". Setting goals is great for morale, and I don't feel so pressured. Plus, I hate commitment. Below are my goals for the year 2015.

Get Organized
I want to organize every single room in the house. Every cabinet, drawer, and closet.

I want to give the dining room a much needed coat of paint or two. It just needs a bit more sanding, and it will be ready for some beautification in the way of color. I also want to paint the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets. (I feel that kitchen bit might be a bit too lofty of a goal, so we shall see.) 

This goes back to getting organized. I seriously need to reduce the amount of clutter that is in our home. I have a ginormous pile of things to be listed on eBay, and I'm hoping to get that knocked out asap. 

If you know me well (or have even just met my acquaintance), you will know I'm an extremely selfish person. (Unfortunately,) I'm very comfortable with who I am. And while there are things I can never see myself never being selfless about (my mental health will always come before you, sorry not sorry), I recognize the need to up myself on the decent human being scale. I'm going to inspire myself to do this by digging deeper into the Bible, surrounding myself with positivity (I've already put this into practice, and it helps tremendously), trying new things, reading new books (and/or finishing old books [This is the year that I finish Simple Abundance, I swear]), cooking up new recipes, etc. Who knows, I may even write that book. ;) 

So what are your goals/resolutions for this new year? 

Stay classy, 


Jessica Wynn

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Lee said...

Like you, I don't like the term "New Year Resolutions" because I feel like I am supposed to make a list and have them accomplished within a matter of time before the year ends. I am also selfish, but being an introvert doesn't help because I am really anti-social; therefore, I am afraid of commitment. I would love to change that if people are are not so negative. Anyway, Good luck on your goals!!!


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