Updating The Dining Area

Have I ever mentioned how having so many projects going on that I can't focus on any single one of them makes me happy? Because, it totally does. My theory is that if I get bored of one project, I can work on another, and so on and so forth until my life (and home) is filled with half finished projects. 

While other residence in the house are not thrilled to have multiple projects going on at the same time(and my other residence, I mean Micah and the cats), I started another while waiting on Gypsy to be declawed so I could begin the upholstery project.  (You can read about that project HERE.)

Behold: The ongoing dining area project

I don't know when those little strips placed in all mobile homes (battens) started bothering me, but boy do they bother me. One evening, in a panic of not doing anything with my life (other 20 somethings, do you have these fits, or is it just me?), I started ripping these strips down. With a butter knife. Because nothing says "crazy quarter life crisis" like attacking your walls with a butter knife. 

Soon, all the offending strips were taken down and I was left with a dining room with tons of gaps in the wall. I have big plans for this dining room. (Idea post soon to be posted.) But, to start, I knew the batten strips needed to be taken down and the gaps filled. 

WARNING: The photos you are about to see are in fact so horrible, so horrendous that it's recommend you do not view them if you have any heart condition. 

Somewhere, I have "decent" before photos taken in lovely afternoon light. However, for the time being those photos seem to have disappeared. So I give you the photos I've taken partially through this project, late at night, with questionable overhead lighting. You're welcome.

The gap on far left as been the most difficult to deal with. The walls are not actually even(!), and thus I had to go over the majority of it many times. Also, ignore the broken window screen chilling next to the dining room table. Thanks. 

Here's an example of (partially) sanded vs. not sanded at all. This stuff makes all the difference for sure. Also, mold. Because God forbid I have a refrigerator against the wall with a window for a week. 

As an added bonus, all the walls in our home have these lovely little nail (staple) holes in every.single.room. In the master bedroom, I didn't notice these weird holes until I painted. They definitely stick out afterwards. I have so many questions about these holes. Like, who put them there? Why? How did there get to be so many? We're the first residence, so I have to believe this happened during construction. But, why?

Here we have the right side of the dining area. You see that masking tape on the window? It was holding up a shower curtain I was using as a curtain (pictured crumpled up on the floor directly beneath window). Because sometimes to gain class, you need to lose it completely. You may also noticed how the original red curtain (and blinds) were left crumpled on the floor. I like to leave things in the floor just to make sure we're all paying attention at all times. 

Though this project is not what I would classify as difficult, it is extremely tedious and time consuming as I have to wait for each coat of filler to dry completely. You also cannot apply it if there's a chance of rain within the next 24 hours, or if the humidity is a certain percent. Awesome. 

Stay classy, 


Jessica Wynn

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Unknown said...

Haha totally thought I was the only other perosn in the world who had these struggles! This is encouraging!

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