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As I mentioned before, I have been wanting to compile some of my main dining room ideas into a post. This is the post, y'all. :)

There's not too many ideas represented here, because truthfully, I'm not entirely sure what I want. (Typical Jessie.) There's a few definite traits I want to stick with like gray walls (I've come to realize I have an obsession with gray paint, and I'm okay with that), and a rectangle table.

Below are some pins that give me some inspiration.

 It's not that I don't have access to power tools, I just don't feel confident enough using them. Of course DH has all those power tool skills that it seems all southern men seem to be born with, but I hate to drag him into my crazy projects. 

As far as color, I definitely want to stick with the gray color pallet I'm putting throughout the house. The color pictured here is Simple Gray by Valspar (the only paint I use), and I absolutely love it. Also it has similar wainscoting as the my inspiration photo. I also love the table, chandelier, etc.
 Can I just have this dining room?

I'm still not entirely settled on draperies I originally thought of having three sets and making my lonely window look as if it had friends. (That is, three windows instead of just the one.) I'm also throwing around the idea of a roman shade and no curtains, or a roman shade by itself. If I do go with curtains, I would love to incorporate some floral print with blues like these pictured. Also liking that wall color and the wainscoting. :)

Urban Sunrise
Another color I considered was Urban Sunrise. Decisions, decisions. 

I love that simple dark wood table. This dining area is set up similar to mine. No "back" wall, and entrance to the kitchen on the right. I would love to seat 6 people as well. 

I've also been entraining the thoughts of putting bench like seating on the left wall. It's my "problem" wall. DH has been asking about putting a china cabinet there, so it's all just in theory, currently. 

Maybe a bench like this? But what if you're the person in the middle? What if that middle person has to make an emergency bathroom trip? Am I the only one who thinks about stuff like this?

To see some additional home inspiration, you can check out my Pinterest board, Bloom. 

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