Wingback Chairs Reupholstery Project

I was hesitant to post anything regarding these chairs. Because, If I did, that would mean I'd have some sense of accountability to see this project through to the end. I have issues with commitment.

I was doing my (apparently) monthly trip to GoodWill, when I saw these beauties.

There's a second chair behind there, I promise. I had been looking for two chairs for the living room. They needed to be comfy, the right color (I still don't know what that is, really), and also the right price. It was soon becoming evident that I was not going to find these perfect chairs. On an unrelated note, I had always wanted to try my hand at reupholstering something.
Currently parked in the living room
I got both of these chairs for under $40 a piece. They smell like old lady currently. And give satisfying squeaks when you reposition yourself, or flop down on them. And yes, I could leave them the way they are, as they really have minimal wear, but they're so dark (the pictures here do not show the true deep green they are), and I am infatuated with bright, open, airy spaces. The way these chairs are now is just not jiving with what I envision the living room ending up like. 

Gypsy, the creeper

Unfortunately (but not so unfortunate for my inner procrastinator), I will have to take Gypsy to be declawed before any progress begins on these chairs. She's normally not into furniture (preferring carpet, really), so my only guess as to why she has taken to try and shred these chairs is because Jupiter loves them so much. (As I'm typing this in our home office, I can hear her scratching them in the living room.)

Most interesting cat in the world
Does anyone have any experience with upholstery? 

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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Intern said...

It was gobsmacked blog! This work is kinda unique with others, my friends must see this. I will tell it when we have time for upholstery cleaning service.

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