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So this new store opened up in town. It's called Bargain Box. Classy, I know. While I was waiting ever so patiently (yeah, no) for this store to open, Micah and I would take turns speculating what the store would be. One of our first guesses was that there would be multiple size boxes and you just fill them with junk and pay per box. (There's a thrift store where my grandmother lives that does this with bags.) I guessed it would be unmarked boxes that you blindly buy, and hope for the best. (In hindsight, I see how this might not be a profitable business.)

After we got back from our vacation, we decided to visit. It's something like a sundry store (or an affectionally called "junk store"), but with more high end items. We've made two trips thus far. Below is our goodies we found.

Trip number one:

Bobsweep. Bobsweep is a robot vacuum rivaling the Roomba. It's highly entertaining, and I've not cleaned the floors in over a week. (Win win!) Bobsweep retails around $300, and we purchased ours for $75. We got the pet hair edition because cats.

I love me some red. 

Trip number two:

We went back to Bargain Box for a Keurig type machine, but ended up with that and then some. 
I'd been on the fence about this Cuisinart machine. Don't get me wrong, I love the one we have at the office. It just seemed extravagant. However, my Bunn wastes quite a bit of coffee since I have a minimum amount of cups I'm required to make. Plus, I've been caught running behind on more than one occasion because I was waiting on my coffee to brew. Ah, instant gratification. These machines retail at $200, and we've seen them on sale for $150. We purchased ours for $40. 
Coffee. Nuff said.

While carrying the Cuisinart around, we saw this Chicago Cutlery set. Micah has been dying for a knife set. Our current one consist of 4 knives, and none of them are steak knives. (It surprises me how often we eat steak.) It's now sitting very nicely in our kitchen.

The last thing we grabbed was this chef mat. I've really been needing a mat to put in the floor in front of the kitchen sink. This one is super comfy. You can buy one for the same price I did ($20) HERE

If the machine in the first pictures looks different from the second, it's because it is. Our first one went off the fritz, and the folks at Bargain Box were so kind and replaced it for us. 

Micah and I have both decided we need to start limiting our trips to Bargain Box so we don't buy up the whole store. 

Are there any good sundry/junk stores in your area?

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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