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I'm very happy to officially announce the new blog design. Those of  you have been reading my post for past couple of weeks via desktop have probably noticed some cosmetic changes going on. I've been tinkering with the design off and on now since June, truthfully.

I think I've finally settled on a design I'm (considerably) happy with (for the time being).

Here's what my blog looked like back in July.

I had this same design for a quite a while. I though it was fitting because of course, my blog's name is Jessie Journals, and the blog looked like a notebook. But it was kind of difficult to read. There was a lot going on visually, and it was really just time for a change. 

Here's what the mobile version looks like.

Let me know how you like the new color scheme. Do you find it visually easier to read?

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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Unknown said...

The new blog design looks great! Love it!

xo Jen
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