It's the Little Things

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In life, it's totally the little things. In the stress and pull of day-to-day life, little things sprinkled about just cheer me up. Purchasing flowers from the local grocery store is one of those things for me. Currently (always? I don't know), there's a sale of buy 3 bouquets of flowers for $10. As it so happens, I have three areas I place flowers; the dining room table, and one in each bathroom. I purchased some "spa retreat" scented candles, and the white flowers just went awesomely with them.

Flowers for the guest bath

On a complete whim, I also purchased some mums. I purchased three different colors, much to the dismay of the cashier I had to converse with.
 Aren't they pretty?
I put them (temporally) in some cheap clay pots, and they're currently gracing the stairs of the front porch. Please excuse the scary under the porch area. And the uneven blinds. And anything else that might be otherwise not so ascetically pleasing in this picture. :)
 The plants definitely need some filler soil, but since the pots are somewhat temporary, I'm hesitant to even address it.

Has anyone else purchased mums?

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Jessica Wynn

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