Fall is Here

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Are you overwhelmingly excited about fall being here? I know I am. I tried very hard not to give in to a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte until fall began, but I couldn't resist. I have already consumed an unmentionable amount. I'll confess I even began dabbling in some fall flavored pastries. These muffins here, and these cookies here.

Below is my short list of things I plan on doing this fall.

1. Visit a corn maze/pumpkin patch. 

Note: Pumpkins will not actually be purchased. Micah and I purchased two some years ago, and          not knowing what to do with them, they simply sat in my in-law's lawn until they rotted. (Sorry.) 

2. Make all the fall flavored items on Pinterest. 

3. Bring out the decor. 

Previously, I only had two bags of fake fall leaves from the dollar tree, two mini leaf-shaped serving trays (also from the dollar tree), and a ceramic pumpkin with a lid as far as fall decorations go. This year, I wanted to invest a little. 

I love the look of this pumpkin serving as a plant holder.

However, we have already established a no living pumpkin rule earlier.

All the cuteness without the rot.

What can I say? If there's a shortcut, I will take it.

What's on your fall to-do list this year? 

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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Natalie said...

Fall to-do list... hmmm... I guess going to the pumpkin patch is all I've got mentally planned at the moment =)

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