Vintage Pyrex: Spring Blossom

I've been on this vintage Pyrex kick lately. So when I spotted a small set at a nearby GoodWill, I quickly snatched them. I did a little research and found that the pattern was called Spring Blossom. Did you know spring is my favorite season, and green is my favorite color? Destiny.

The tea mugs were $0.49 a piece, and the coffee mugs were $0.99 a piece. I also had some store credit from my customer card so I got all of the pieces for about $5. Happiness.

It was 99 cents!
Tea Mug

Tea Mugs Stacked

I love the handles on both styles of mugs. I've imaging hanging them underneath one of my overhead cabinets. I've been wanting to install (and purchase!) those hooks for a while now and I feel these cups have ushered in a justification for doing so.

Coffee Mugs Stacked

The Whole Gang

All Clean

Gypsy watching me clean up the mugs

Imagine having four sets to rotate throughout the seasons. I'm thinking Spring Blossom for spring of course, Summer Impressions (Blueberry) for summer, Butterfly Gold or Autumn Harvest for fall, and Snowflake Blue for winter. 

And to think my friends thought I was crazy.

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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