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Do you ever feel so intimidated about starting a project that you never actually start? That's exactly what's happening to me. I have all these grand ideas for our kitchen remodel. I've researched, pinned, and created a punch list. I have more than a vague idea of what I want the space in general to look like. But in the midst of gathering all these ideas, I'm uncertain.

Before, I was sure I wanted pristine white cabinets that would brighten up the kitchen. But there's a really good tutorial going around Pinterest on how to stain your cabinets a dark expresso brown. Staining appeals to me because I'm concerned that paint lines will show up and look less than classy. Then, I read you can paint cabinets with a foam brush to avoid paint lines. Decisions.

Today (as I'm writing this, it's a perfectly lazy Saturday afternoon), I went through my remodel idea board on Pinterest, and knocked out everything I knew I didn't want. Any pins that were found to not be contributing to the underlining idea of how I pictured the kitchen turing out, were booted. (Micah is relieved I dismissed the idea of painting our linoleum floors.)

Below are some pins that I deemed to be the cream of the crop. These are my top inspiration pins. Whenever I get discouraged, and feel paralyzed at the idea of even starting this remodel, I look at these pins, and I'm once again filled with stubborn determination and hope.

Kelli turned her so-so kitchen island into pure awesome. She used the wallpaper version of beadboard, something I'm determined to work into the kitchen remodel.

This tutorial from Monica almost made me consider ditching my dream of white cabinets completely. After much debate, I decided to give this a go in the master bathroom (and possibly the guest bathroom if I don't butcher this project to pieces). 

Isn't this kitchen beautiful? This is the concept that motivates me: a light, airy, bright, open kitchen.

My Top Three Inspirational Pins: 

I highly encourage you to check out all the photos from this renovation, because this one picture does not do it justice. This kitchen makes me want to agree to take my Dad's "in the family" hutch. (But only if I can paint it white. #sorrynotsorry)

Would you just look at that transformation? This redo has me convinced my countertops need help. They are actually not that horrible. I would rate them a 4 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being these "after" countertops. While I find this project inspiring, it also fills me with self doubt. I feel completely inadequate for such an undertaking. I also really don't want to mess up my countertops. Decisions! 

....and coming in at number one...

This kitchen makes me swoon. It's exactly what I envision a perfect kitchen should look like: white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and wood floors. This is my most-loved pin.

So in the midst of upcoming holidays, getaways, and the like, I have no actual idea when any of this magic will happen. I'm trying to not use the previously mentioned as excuses. Wish me luck.

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For more inspirational remodel ideas, check out my Pinterest board, Bloom

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