Blazer Craze

I go through phases, seasons if you will, in my life where I obsess over things. Currently, it's vintage Pyrex, home-brewed peach tea, and you guessed it, blazers. Here are four I'm currently on the fence about buying (only because I have a slight fear of buying clothing online):

I'm really digging this white blazer. It's clean, it's simple, it's lovely. 

Navy is such a classic color that looks amazing on just about anyone. This blazer is also very affordable, which makes me happy.

I love the sleeves of this blazer. They add some interest and are great for shorter-armed girls like myself.

This intense color of blue is just drawing me towards this blazer for some reason. 

One day, hopefully soon, I will gather the guts to purchase one (if not all) of these blazers. Of course, I'll have to conquer my fear of purchasing clothing online first. ;)

Stay classy,


Jessica Wynn

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