Wedding Bells

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NOTE: I had scheduled this to post back in the middle of March. I'm not sure what happened. :/

My life is awesome. My best friend of 11 years (will be 12 on March 20th) is marrying my brother-in-law. Again, my life is awesome. :) With their date recently moved up to the 22nd of this month, we've all been bustling around with excitement trying to make sure everything is done. (I like bustling. It's busy and purposeful.)

Here are some photos from my Instagram of what's been going on with the wedding process:

Picking out the color of the ties

These are the invitations I made for BF's lingerie shower. Yes, I MADE these. It's a crafting miracle. 
Goody bags I made for guests
My favorite picture from the couple's shower. My brother-in-law's facial expression says it all. 

We practiced our hair styles for the wedding. Katie's hair turned out amazing. 
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The 22nd can't get here fast enough. :D 

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Jessica Wynn

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