New Kitchen Table


It has happened!

We got rid of the what I deemed "the newlywed table." It was a hand-me-down of all hand-me-downs. A kitchen table wasn't really a priority when we first got married. (Don't judge, I know you eat your dinner on the couch too.) With spring in the air, I felt the house needed to experience some winds of change.I needed something suitable (read: not too big, not too small, just right), and at a good price. (If I purchasing something, you better believe I'm going to look for the best deal.) I found this new table on amazingly enough. I'm sure your familiar with the quality (or lack thereof) regarding Walmart merchandise. That being said, after I purchased our new bedding set, I thought it would be worth a look. The reviews on this table were phenomenal. I took the plunge, and can now say I don't regret it.  Enjoy the photos!

Here was the before table. You can see I had a sad tablecloth on it. Because...

of marks like these all over the place. Like, seriously? What is this?

There were also a lot of black greasy spots on the backs, legs, and chase bases. I can only assume this is some sort of oil secreted by human bodies? Gross.

And yeah, two of the chairs were like this. If I stood on a chair to reach something in the upper cabinets it was like playing kitchen chair roulette. 

Also one of the leafs was broken and would just hand there dejectedly. 

Micah unboxing the new kitchen table. 


This table is so beautiful, I could cry. 
I am not usually a fan of glass tops to be honest, but I just love how it gives my dining area an open airy look. I'm going to be honest here and confess that Micah did 99.9% of this assembly. I couldn't have had the awesome result without him. He's great, isn't he? :)

You can check out the table for yourself HERE.

Stay classy, ladies ;)


Jessica Wynn

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