Enough Time: February and March

I can't believe I'm finding the time to type this. It seems I'm always out of time. I had to drop my Coursera class because I didn't have enough time. I stopped cleaning my house and ran out of clean underwear because I didn't have enough time. I halted my quest for becoming a Pokemon master (finishing Pokemon X) because I didn't have enough time. House goals we made (organize the office, paint the living room, sell the stuff we don't need anymore, etc.) seemed to fade into the faraway future the ever-lurking "someday." I fell way behind on my daily devotions because I didn't have enough time. I was lucky if I got the chance to hastily swallow my coffee which had inevitably turned cold from leaving it sitting while I ran a million miles an hour in every direction.

I continued to live like this most of February and March, sure that if I could just be patient, things would clear up and "settle down", as they say. I did this until I sent myself into complete state of anxiety and sat on the floor weeping and gasping. I felt so out of control. I decided that from that point on, though I may be stressed, I would make time. (This was mostly resolved from fear I would have a crazy episode in public.)

So as I sit here typing this out, the living room needs picking up, the kitchen is a wreck, and there's laundry that needs folding. (How the house got dirty in the span of one day, I have no clue.) But, I am at peace. Our heater is making me feel snugly and content. The blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese I just ate filled me, and is making me sleepy. I have realized I have no control over the circumstances that may rise and cause me stress, and that I can only control my reaction. So instead of relying on myself to be strong, I have learned to turn some things over to God. After all, he He has some pretty large shoulders. :)

Here's some pictures from my Instagram feed that I feel sum up the past few weeks:

This is the class I had to drop. I enjoyed it up until that point.
My desk has looked like this since February
I found this awesome mug for $3
Speaking of coffee, this has been my latest obsession 
Here I'm drinking another one during our much needed mini vacation
This is the best food ever. Well, best food for a dollar for sure! Try it. You're welcome.
So I got this on a Thursday....
And this happened the next day... $3 a piece at Rue 21 :D
This is Little Cat. Micah rescued it from being mauled by dogs. She is the sweetest sweet that ever sweeted. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough room for another cuteness, and our friend took her for us. A happy ending. :)
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All and all this has been a very trying, but rewarding season. I am looking forward to starting up reading book again. Who knows, maybe I'll even soak in a bath. (Gasp!)

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Jessica Wynn

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Natalie said...

I feel ya alright! Jan-March always feels like the most stressful and crazy busy out of the year. My coffee intake is also significantly higher as well.

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