Saturday Shopping

I was so happy to be driving around last Saturday after being basically snowed in for a few days prior. I initially set out to pick up a package at the post office and purchase the paint for the laundry area I'm anxious to brighten up. I'm also trying to organize the master bath. I had a perfectly sized basket I received sometime around my wedding.

I had seen this basket before at Dollar General. I decided I would swing by since it was on the way. However, I recalled seeing these baskets on sale last summer, and I decided to not get my hopes too high. 
I had gone to Dollar General recently, and had seen some super cute decor, so I still had some hopes. They did have about 5 different styled baskets, but none of them really stood out to me. They also had an entire section dedicated to chevron. 

Now let me get something out in the open: I'm not a big chevron fan. I recognize that is only a fad, and I doubt it will become "timeless." But recently, I made a decision: I know chevron is a fad. I know it is simply trendy and in style currently. I also like the idea of owning things that when photographed will be vintage to my grandchildren. So I decided to give chevron a chance. 

These cute little vinyl baskets were only $5 a piece!

They also had a matching chevron shower curtain there. I think I might have a shower curtain-buying addiction. (I have like 5.)

I went ahead a bought plastic rings that held the shower curtain and the liner, because my other shower rings were a bear to deal with. (Plus they were on $2 a pack!)

So here's what my shower curtain looked like before.

And here is a picture of the old rings vs the new rings.

The new shower curtain up.
I really feel like the shower curtain really brightens up our bathroom. I'm not crazy about it being vinyl (read: plastic), but I love the colors. 

Here's the baskets on the shelf.

I accidentally deleted my before, but it was pretty horrendous.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how this all came together for under $40. Who knew Dollar General had such cuteness hanging around? 

I also made a quick stop at GoodWill on my way home to look at the home decor stuff. When I pulled up, I was curious as to why the parking lot was so full. I did not realize that I had chose to show up on 50% off day. (The first Saturday of every month.) As I was trying to navigate to the recently-moved home goods, I ended up in the dress, and wouldn't you know it, I found two of the cutest numbers.

These dresses are both from Cato. The one on the left is a small, while the one on the right was a size 6, which I was a little worried it wouldn't fit, but the elastic waist (you can't really see it too well in the picture), really pulled it together just fine. So I picked these up for $8 total. Anyone else finding anything good out there?

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Jessica Wynn

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