January So Far

So far, January is going pretty great. Granted it is only the second day of the month, but I feel this is a good sign.

I took my mother out to lunch and had a great strawberry lemonade. (I'm totally hooked on these.) After wards she spent some time with the "grandcats" (her wording not mine.)

Micah and I also had dinner with some good friends and caught a movie.

I'm ending the day with a hot mug of sleepytime tea.

So how is January going for you?

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Jessica Wynn

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2 Thoughts:

Natalie said...

Strawberry lemonade would be delish... if there wasn't a foot of snow out and sub-zero temperatures (haha!) I have to stick with hot coffee and tea still.

Jessica Wynn said...

I'm sorry to hear that. :/ Maybe the weather will perk up in your neck of the woods soon. Tennessee weather is so unpredictable. Earlier this week, it was in the upper 60s, and this morning it was 16 degrees.

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