Ultimate Gift Guide: Geek Edition

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I'll be honest: Compiling this geeky list wasn't hard. What was hard was narrowing it down to 10 items. Maybe a part two is order? Or a more specific gift guide? (Minecraft, anyone?) Let me know what you guys think. In the meantime, check out the list below!
1. Icade 8 Bitty Wireless Game Controller for iOS & Android. Available on Ebay.com $19.94

2. Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver at Amazon.com $25.85

4. Speaking of floppy disks, check out this notebook made by recycling two disks by fishstikks on Etsy.com $6.50

5. I'm digging this Keep Calm and Geek On Print by Geekiness on Etsy.com $7.00

6. Command + Z necklace. This necklace pretty much sums up my life. Made by Plastique at Etsy.com $22

7. Star Wars Quote Wall Decal. Have the best quote from the Star Wars on your wall. Via bushcreative on etsy.com $10.20

 8. This lightsaber pen. Available via ebay.com Approximately $13.75

9. Check out these nerdilicious 8-bit glasses. You can find them on ebay.com $8.76

10. Circuit board jewelry. Sweet and geeky. Available on thinkgeek.com $24.99

Hope these gift guides are helpful to someone. What guides would you like to see next?

Stay classy, ladies ;)

Jessica Wynn

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