NRB and Depression Glass (Nashville)

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Every year the National Religious Broadcast has a convention where hundreds of  media techs working in church-related fields get together to demonstrate products, software, and well, church. These past couple of years, Micah has had to opportunity to attend, and has always really enjoyed it.

Here's a photo of the hotel room Micah and I stayed at. I love the color scheme! Especially that navy blue and green carpet.
This year, my mother-in-law and I went, but went antique shopping (swoon) instead of actually being a part of the convention.

We spent not enough time looking for depression glass to complete her two sets. Here's an example of what color set number one is:
It's Tiara Forest Green in the Sandwich print

Here's a sample piece of the second set she is collecting.

I can't remember if this is called peach, pink, or coral.
 Regardless, it's also Tiara and in the Sandwich print.

She got me so excited, we began to talk about me starting my own set. Micah wanted me to do the lighter green in the sandwich print which looks like this:
Meh, I'm picky.  I liked the forrest green better.
This is the set I'd love to get started on:
My dream set
Of course this is the most rare, most expensive depression glass in the sandwich print. Oh, well. A girl can dream, right? I've really been digging blues lately. If you actually google the words, "tiara bicentennial depression glass", it will take you straight to my Pinterest board dedicated solely to this set.

Stay classy, ladies. ;)

Photo Credits:
Forrest Green Photo
Pink Depression Glass
Light Green Depression Glass
Bicentennial Blue Depression Glass Set AKA My Dream Set

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