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I live in Smalltown, Tennessee. (That's the name I have given it.) We have signs welcoming you to "The Friendly City." Our only resemblance of a mall would be the super Wal-mart. We do not have a Best Buy, Target, Red Lobster, or even a Chic-fil-a. Our historic downtown is still is full swing, and it appears the original coin laundry mat is still in operation. People have a sense of community, and high school football games are the biggest pastimes. You can not go to Wal-mart without seeing someone you know. People stop by unannounced. If you have a flat, a least a handful of people will check on you. We have a seasonally operated ice cream place that looks (and is named after) a barn. Everyone knows everybody. You can tour our famous dairy farm, and we have one of the few working drive-ins. If there was such a place where people randomly burst into a happy chorus in unison (accompanied by a silly dance), it would be Smalltown.

If you hate this town so much, we will happily pay for your first tank of gas for your journey back to whichever "big city" you came from. We do not need "huge development." If you can only badmouth Smalltown, then please, for the sake of all of us who have to hear your whining, just leave. The people of the friendly city have a strong sense of community and responsibility to their neighbors. If this makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, do not stay.

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Jessica Wynn

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Natalie said...

I love small towns! I'm coming to visit you now! (lol) :D

Jessica Wynn said...

You should lol. A Dunkin Donuts just replaced an express Japanese restaurant. :)

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