How to Successfully Shop at Goodwill

I've purchased the vast majority of my clothing (including all my classy Ann Taylor pieces) from Goodwill and other thrift stores. I've heard of other people struggling with find anything at all there. Here's a few tips that I have helped me, and I hope they help you.

1. Buy on Sale.
   Yes, the clothing is already marked down, but you can still end up spending too much dough. Our Goodwill has a half off sale on everything of a certain tag color. This tag color gets changed up every week. So, if you find a shirt you like and it's not the sale color, check back next week. On the first Saturday of the month, Goodwill has a half off sale where everything in the store is half off. (Where I'm from this excludes furniture and formal wear.) Do not even THINK about trying anything on this day. It WILL be packed. It is best to go the week of the sale and see what items you want beforehand. Come sale day, you can grab what you wanted with much less fuss.

2. Check Childrens' Section.
       If you are small like me, you maybe able to fit into childrens' clothing. Please please please for the sake of sanity, do not purchase anything with kitties, butterflies or glitter on it. Often, I find misses clothing mistakenly placed in the childrens' section. All childrens' clothing is half off adult clothes.

3. Check the Quality.
   If you buy clothing that is stained, old or has holes, you aren't getting a deal at all. Check and double check clothing.

4. Have an Open Mind
    Try things on you wouldn't normally. I went out of my comfort zone and tried on a yellow cardigan the other day. (Fabulous, but not my size.) Trying new things will open up more options.

So that's my Goodwill shopping tips. I hope they help you as you hunt for bargains. I would love to see pictures of your great finds!

To find a Goodwill nearest you, click HERE.

Jessica Wynn

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2 Thoughts:

Natalie said...

Loved this! Goodwill has got some great stuff for sure =)

Jessica Wynn said...

I love it. I could easily spend my paycheck there every week .

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