Websites I Adore and/or Frequent Often

Here's a list of websites that I absolutely adore.

For those of us who can't pawn the saying, "It's an old family recipe." I love the variety of recipes on this site. There are many beginning level recipes available. Plus, on the recipe search results page, the website shows how many ingredients are called for in each dish. There's also a "printer friendly" option, which is perfect for producing clean recipes to slide into my homemaking journal's clear sheet protectors. :)
This clothing site is loaded with vintage ideas. (Which is mainly what I get from the site, since some of their products are pricey.) This site has introduced me to one of my now-favorite books, Home Economics. :) I could spend hours looking through their dress selections.

3. Better Homes & Gardens
Not quite as awesome as the physical magazine in your hands, but still cool. :) There's recipes, craft ideas, and more. Now, excuse me as I run down our mile long driveway to check the mail and see if my first issue came yet. :D

I heart this site. Not only can you easily add photos to an online album, you can also browse "interestingness." I use this site frequently because of the ease to upload photos, (I am able to upload straight from my Android.) and the simple clean layout of the site.

5. Empowered Traditionalist
Christa Taylor has some really great style ideas. (And, I just like her photography as well.) I get all happy inside when a post from her pops up in my Google Reader.

6.Scribbles N'Things
Natalie, from Scribbles N'Things, also has interesting blog content, and not to mention, a super cute blog. Found her blog from Zoe a few weeks ago, and have been eagerly reading ever since. Love the links she posts, and I have to recommend her blog.

7.Stuff Christians Like
SCL is a hilarious site produced by Jon Acuff. I frequently tell my boyfriend of some of the satire-filled blog post. I WILL read his book, Quitter.

8. Boundless
Although, I don't agree 100% with everything that every one of the contributors posts, I have to say there is some excellent insight and thought going on over at Boundless. I enjoy reading the blog posts, and occasionally am able to listen to the podcasts.

Jessica Wynn

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2 Thoughts:

Natalie said...

Hey Jes! Thanks so much for the shout out! And I love Modcloth! If you're into vintage-y looking cute clothes, try looking up Ruche. I love their stuff! =D

Jessica Wynn said...

I will check it out, thanks! :)

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