I really like my Android phone. Here are a few things I have learned from people who own Android-powered phones.

1. Angry Birds.
If you have an Android (or an iPhone), and you don't have Angry Birds, you are an automatic loser. While in the laundry mat, a(n) (alleged) woman told me she owned the HTC Incredible also. She then proceeded to ask me if I had Angry Birds. What about Angry Birds seasons? Check and double check.

Pandora is "internet radio" which makes "stations" on your phone by artist or song then plays similar music. For the most part, it's really awesome. You can only skip 6 songs in one hour, and it disappoints me if while I am showering it plays a lame song.

3. Tube Mate.
Download any video off of YouTube. I like this to watch videos more than the YouTube app that came on my phone.

4.Microsoft Tag Reader.
I actually just downloaded this app a couple of hours ago. Here's how it works: you scan a "tag", then it brings up a website about the tagged item. I scanned the tag on my Poinsettia plant, and it brought me to the Lowe's page on it. The page includes how to water my plant, what kind of sunlight it needs, etc, etc, etc.

5.Battery Life.
There really isn't one. I am constantly charging my phone. I am charging as we speak. But it doesn't bother me as I have two car chargers and since Micah and I have the same phone, I can always charge it at his house in dire emergencies. 

There's a Facebook app, a Twitter app, a Myspace App...self explanatory really.

From keeping up with grocery lists, to finding where you parked your car, there is an app for virtually everything. I downloaded a job finding app (from a site I frequently check for jobs) this week.

That's the name of the app. Any song. Ever. The ringtones are recorded at awkward spots, but it's still the best out there.

9. Virtual.
Virtual live fish tank wallpaper. Virtual bathing cat. Virtual significant other. You get the picture.

10. A Complete Waste of Time.
I read less books now. The last book I read all the way through was on my Android. (I have two different book readers.) I keep telling myself I'm going to play in the snow, or organize my room, and it doesn't happen as much as it used to. I'm sure there's a balance. I'm not so sure I will find it. I hope to find it though.

Jessica Wynn

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